Store Classwork Securely... ClassCloud is a simple, secure and school-appropriate solution to classroom file management. It allows students to easily share photos, videos and documents from different devices and provides teachers with an intuitive and visual way to store, search and distribute classwork.


ClassCloud is designed to support the specific needs of school file management and shared classroom access. With 2GB of free space, schools can store documents, photos and videos securely, ensuring you meet safeguarding requirements. Files are accessible by a secure teacher login; there is no requirement for individual student logins. Reduce your reliance on in-school server space and rest assured that your data is safe and securely stored.


Find, share and print student work easily with the intuitive visual interface. No time is wasted struggling to locate students’ work on individual tablets or in network folders; students can easily upload their work from mobile devices to ClassCloud without the time-consuming need to connect or sync them. Engage parents and share classroom activity by publishing selected files via ClassBoard for secure viewing online.


ClassCloud gives students of all ages the ability to effortlessly capture their creations and share them with their teacher; all they need to do is look for the distinctive ClassCloud icon and tap to send. Files are sent from the devices directly to ClassCloud and can be accessed by the teacher from a webpage. Just as easily, students can share files with peers, enabling truly collaborative working.